Board of Directors

Jonas Ekblom, (Chairman)
(PhD) Jonas Ekblom has over 25 years of experience from pharmaceutical R&D. Dr. Ekblom has held senior positions at Pharmacia, Sequenom, Life Technologies, BOWS Pharmaceuticals, and Pergamum AB. He also serves on the board of several organizations, including KLIFO A/S, The Releef Initiative, and Sven Tumba Foundation. Dr. Ekblom holds an associate professorship at Uppsala University.


Magnus Axelson, MD, PhD 
Magnus Axelson, co-founder of Axelar AB, is Professor at the Department of Clinical Chemistry, Karolinska Institutet/Hospital, Stockholm and has over 40 years of research experience. Professor Axelson’s research has primarily focused on the structure and biological activity of small molecules, particularly steroids, lignans, and congeners.


Per-Olof Edin 
Per-Olof Edin represents the Baltic Sea Foundation. He is currently serving as board member of Karolinska Development, Cereal Base CEBA AB, The Seventh Swedish Pension Fund, and Svenskt Rekonstruktionskapital AB.


Fredrik Gilstring, MD, PhD
Fredrik Gilstring represents the Gilstring Family.  He currently works for Gustavia Fonder AB as a portfolio manager and has more than 5 years’ of investment experience in the life science industry. He has a background as senior scientist in the field of cell and molecular biology at Karolinska Institute, Sweden. From 2002-2008 he was employed as project manager at Sidec AB, a contract research organization (CRO) involved in performing protein structure analysis using electron tomography.